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    Defenders Tricks Empty Defenders Tricks

    Post by Miyoko on Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:30 pm

    Hello, here im gonna talk a little bit about what defenders should do.

    When opponent have the ball :

    1º-A good defence, should play with a DEEP defence, to intercept the pass`s from the opponents, and to intercept a clear ball from the opponents,dont need to play with OFFSIDE trap, but DEEP.
    2º- When the opponents is trying to play with PASS`s and trying to build the game, the defenders should mark near the opponent always with preload(SPACE,RARELY LMB) for their winger or CF. Like LB should have space for LW or CF,preference for LW. ( that if the LW come backs for give line,what for sure he will do).

    When the team have the ball :
    1º- When attack have the ball, like if LW have the ball, and the RB see right side is open to run, then the RB go up to give a line of pass in the other side of the field...But if the LW pass to RW, then the RB go back again.
    2-The LB/RB go up behind LW/RW, like near the line of Throw-in,but just 1, like RW have the ball , LB go.
    3º-The Center Back(CB/SW) have to play like DM, to do 1-2 and give a line of pass to forwoards, then if needed go a little more up to give a line of ASSIST, near the box to shot.

                       For now that what we need to have a solid defence.

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