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    Applications - Micinho


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    Applications -  Micinho Empty Applications - Micinho

    Post by Micinho on Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:03 pm

    Name: Michael Oppong  afro 

    In-Game Name: Micinho
    1st Position: CF  geek 
    2nd Position: LB  king 
    Level: 100
    Country and Time Zone: Ireland GMT+1
    Age: 14
    Do you have a mic or are willing to get one: I have a mic  Very Happy 
    Activity, when can you play: Sometimes on week days mostly weekends study 
    Did anyone from Diablo FC ask you to apply? If so, who: Miyoko
    Previous PMCs: None
    Additional Comments:  No   @   cyclops   clown   pirat   tongue   silent   pale   alien   cat   monkey   pig   rabbit   bounce   confused   affraid   Basketball   cheers   bom   drunken   Sleep   sunny   albino   cherry   santa   rendeer   farao   king   queen    study   scratch   geek   jocolor    elephant   flower   afro    lol!

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    Applications -  Micinho Empty Re: Applications - Micinho

    Post by Miyoko on Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:39 pm

    Hey Micinho!

    Since you are superspecial we all welcome you onboard as a fulltime member!
    Congratulations and welcome to the PMC mate!

    Diablo FC Management,


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